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Our Air Release and Combination Air Release Valves help protect fire protection systems from air lock and collapse by eliminating excess air or admitting air before a vacuum condition can occur. They not only help the system maintain its design capacity that could be impacted if entrained air is present in the pipeline, they are also a critical to reliable and safe pump start-up and stopping operations.

Our air valves are available in a variety of configurations, end connections and materials to meet most any fire protection system application requirements.


The automatic air release valve releases accumulated air from the system while it is under pressure. This The presence of air in a water system can reduce the effective cross sectional flow area resulting in increased head loss and decreased flow. Unwanted air may also cause water hammer and metering inaccuracies, while hastening corrosion. In spite of its compact and light weight structure; it has a 12mm2 orifice that enables it to discharge air at high flow rates and is less susceptible to obstruction by debris.

Product Features

Automatic Air Release Valve.

Releases entrapped air from pressurized systems.

The valve's rolling seal mechanism design enables a one size orifice for a wide pressure range (0.2 up to 16 bar).

Available in sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1" - BSP / NPT – male threaded connections.

Materials and Corrosion Protection

Body made of high strength composite material.

All operating parts are made corrosion- resistant materials.

Float made of foamed polypropylene.

Application Range

Working pressure range.

SG-010 0.2-10 bar.

S-050 0.2-16 bar.

Maximum operating temperature: 60°C.

Maximum intermittent temperature: 90° C.

Installed on most types of pumps, on landscape system heads and after filters, pressure reducers and fertilizer injection systems.

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